Products you didn’t know are made from metal fabrication

kitchen with metal appliances

Metal fabrication is everywhere in our modern society, whether you realise it or not. From an idea that began thousands of years ago with shaping mined copper into crude tools, fabrication has shaped and impacted a wide range of industries with the impressive products it has created. In this blog we’ll be exploring some of the amazing products that have been made using the process of metal fabrication and the role it has played in key industries. Some of these might surprise you! 


Medical equipment

The medical industry relies heavily on metal fabrication for vital tools and pieces of equipment, stainless steel in particular. By having products fabricated specifically for their requirements, hospitals and medical businesses can uphold the high standard of care they strive to provide – with metal products that are robust and long lasting, as well as easy to sterilise. Whether they need MRI machines, operating tables, surgical tools or much more. Metal fabrication fulfils their needs with precision and accuracy.


Kitchen utensils

When you think of products made by fabrication, the knives, forks, and spoons that are in your kitchen drawer probably aren’t the typical images that come to mind. However, they are a good example of stainless steel fabrication and sometimes other metals too. This is because they often require a lot of strength and durability with the heavy amount of use they get. Also, cutlery that is used in restaurants for example, typically have a shiny look which will have been achieved during the fabrication process.



Staying on a similar theme with household products, metal fabrication is also a key element of important appliances. For example, fridges, ovens, dishwashers, dryers, and washing machines. If it wasn’t for metal fabrication, products like these wouldn’t exist how they are in their current form. Modern metal fabrication has offered a lot in terms of making everyday life easier for people. As well as improving the quality of what has become standard items found in the home.


Spiral staircases

Stainless steel staircases are another common example of products that are made from metal fabrication. The contemporary and stylish look of metal spiral staircases as well as the important safety properties have made them a popular option for many homes and offices. Their strength and longevity make them a great investment compared to other staircase materials.  


Agricultural equipment

Like with the medical industry, agriculture and farming is a specialist sector that requires specific equipment. This equipment is often made from high quality fabricated metals in order to produce and harvest the food we eat safely and effectively. From tractors and plows to milking equipment and a wide variety of other essential tools and equipment, metal fabrication has revolutionised this key industry over the years, making things more streamlined and efficient for farmers. So much so that practically every aspect of the farming process has an item that has been made with fabricated metal.



Transportation is a large industry that covers various aspects, many of which rely on the useful properties of fabricated metal. One example is walkways and bridges that go over busy roads and railways. They need to be incredibly strong, durable, weather resistant, and safe to protect pedestrians from falling. Cars, trucks, trains, and other vehicles within the automotive industry often feature fabricated metals. In various parts of their design and construction. 

This is largely due to the strength of fabricated metal and its easy ability to be shaped and designed in line with specific requirements. It takes a skilled and precise workforce to accurately manufacture parts for vehicles. That’s why senior aluminium fabricators are often involved in metal fabrication projects for the transportation sector. 



There are so many aspects of infrastructure in modern living that we take for granted which utilise metal fabrication. Most notably things like sewer systems, pipework for our water supply, tunnels, and bridges all depend on fabricated metal to operate properly with the necessary properties to carry out their role effectively.


Architectural structures

Structural and stainless steel are two examples of commonly used materials in building construction. They’re robust, have a modern and versatile visual appeal, and they’re corrosion resistant. This makes them ideal for use in building long-lasting, attractive structures. Features that couldn’t be achieved without the metal fabrication process.



As we have seen, there are many products and industries that rely on metal fabrication in order to keep society running as it should. If you have an upcoming project that requires specialist metal fabrication services, be sure to contact the team at FEM. We have many years’ experience in creating the highest quality fabricated products for various industries and applications. Make sure you get a free quote from us. And see how our services can help you to meet your project specifications.