How to choose the best metal fabrication company for your project

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Metal fabrication is highly sought after by many businesses to create structures and components with important roles. As such, choosing the right company to help you complete the fabrication work is crucial in ensuring the functionality of these products. But how do you separate the good from the bad? 

In this blog, we’ll help you choose the best fabrication company to help with your project. 


Identifying steel fabrication companies

Metal fabrication companies offer a range of fabrication services. These are designed to create products, structures, and components using a variety of techniques. This can result in the cutting, bending, drilling, machining, joining, or punching of the material. 

A metal fabrication company will typically offer: 

  • On-site fabrication 
  • Aluminium fabrication 
  • Steel fabrication 
  • Sheet metal fabrication 
  • Mild steel fabrication 
  • Structural steel fabrication 
  • Finishing 

A fabrication company is made up of multiple professionals, specialising in a certain part of the fabrication process. For example, FEM has an expert welding department that can perform TIG welding, MIG welding, plasma arc welding, and more. We also provide all the services listed above. 

Many fabrication projects are large in scope, either requiring a big production volume or the creation of massive structures. As such, fabrication companies tend to have substantial capabilities in order to cater to the needs of multiple projects at once.

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Types of fabrication projects

If you’re looking for the right metal fabrication company to handle your project, it’s first important to consider its needs. This will be influenced by the nature of the products and the industry they are intended to be used. For the latter, industry regulations may affect the fabrication process as additional standards must be considered.  

Projects can also be defined by the type of fabrication that’s used. However, other metal fabrication projects will focus on what is being provided for your business. These are: 

  • Site services – these projects are characterised by work that primarily consists of on-site maintenance, repairs, or installations. 
  • Public sector – supporting efforts that impact local communities for the better. This involves working alongside public institutions such as schools, libraries, and local authorities. 
  • Bespoke projects – bespoke steel fabrications are predominantly informed by an initial design or idea. Technical decisions, such as materials and techniques, are then made to meet the unique requirements of the project, unless they are already stated in the design.


What makes a good metal fabrication company?

Choosing a metal fabrication company is very important, primarily as they will act as your project partner. The company is therefore responsible for executing the fabrication work to meet the needs of the project and adhere to industry standards. If they don’t have the relevant capabilities, there’s a risk the project won’t generate a return on investment. As a result, the factors that make up a good metal fabrication should instil trust in their services. 

Fabrication capabilities

A good metal fabrication company should have a large range of equipment that is regularly maintained. This includes tools, technologies, and facilities. It’s recommended to physically visit the production shop, so you can see the fabrication process first-hand. This will provide an insight into the company’s working practices, especially in areas of health & safety, cleanliness, and efficiency. 

For context, FEM in located in a 30,000 sq/ft manufacturing facility that is operated by trained platers, fitters, and welders. Our overhead cranes and fork trucks allow for jobs to progress smoothly. 


A great indicator of expertise is in a company’s history of work. You should be asking, how long have they been in the metal fabrication industry? And what types of fabrication projects have they carried out in the past? Evidence of a variety of work is good, however, you must ensure the company has done work similar to what you’re asking of them. If not, there isn’t a guarantee they will be able to do the job to a high standard. FEM started its business journey over 40 years ago, growing and evolving into the market leader it is today. 

Customer service

Communication is vital when outsourcing a large fabrication project. A good metal fabrication company should provide regular updates on how the work is progressing. They should also be reachable in the event anything unexpected happens. Transparency and honesty are excellent qualities to look for in company values. Before starting the project, you can also ask them how they would resolve certain issues if they were to arise. 

At FEM, we pride ourselves on having an open-door approach. Our employees and customers are at the heart of everything we do, which is why we give regular updates on our ongoing projects. We aim to foster lasting relationships with our customers through value for money and consistency. 


Nowadays, there are many ways to check how a company is regarded within the industry. Online reviews, website testimonials, social media, and word of mouth are all channels that can provide information on how a company conducts its work. Without doing some research in these areas, it can be difficult to know what kind of company you are contacting. 

Knowledge of industry standards and regulations

The company should commit to creating quality products that function as intended. This can be evidenced by any accreditations and certifications the business has achieved. These are often be found on a company’s website or on official documents. The main standard to consider with fabrication is the ISO 9001 and BSEN 1090-3, both of which FEM does all its work to. 


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Do you need help with a fabrication project? FEM can offer expert advice and guidance to help point you in the right direction. Our team has a wealth of experience in all kinds of metal fabrication projects, from small and bespoke to large scale construction. We’ll also give you a free quote to get you started. 

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