Sheet metal fabrication

Sheet metal fabrication

FEM offer experienced and high-quality sheet metal fabrication in Sheffield. Our team work to ensure that all projects relating to this type of fabrication are completed to the best possible standard, meeting all our certification requirements, and fulfilling our clients’ needs exactly.

Sheet metal fabrication is the process used to turn flat sheets of steel or aluminium into metal products or structures, by cutting, punching, folding, and assembling. This metal can be bent, cut, or stretched into almost any shape, mostly this is done by cutting and welding the metal to create the final product.

Sheet metal fabrication can be used for:

  • Home appliances
  • Lockers
  • Cabinets
  • Surgical instruments
  • Kitchen accessories
  • Garages

FEM Ltd has 30,000 sqft. of workshop space with a highly skilled team and array of tools machinery and experience. When designing and manufacturing projects, we work alongside our  ISO 9001 quality accreditation and BS EN 1090 (Exc. class 3 welding) accreditation to ensure all of our projects are accountable and follow strict guidelines to meet the highest quality and level of excellence.

Sheet metal fabrication process

Every project is different and requires a slightly different approach by our sheet metal fabricators. However, in general, the manufacturing process will involve the key phases listed below:

  • Designing
  • Programming
  • Laser cutting sheet metal
  • Punching (CNC punching)
  • Bending
  • Welding (MIG welding and TIG Welding)
  • Assembly
  • Powder coating

FEMs metal fabrication services begin with an idea, design, or drawing being supplied to our estimating department before a technical review is carried out. This is to ensure we have the correct skillset, accreditation, and machinery to carry out the metal work required. We will also be able to advise you on the right steel to use for your project whether it is mild steel, aluminium steel, or stainless steel steel sheet fabrication you need.

From here it will be passed to our fabrication team who will manufacture the products to an accuracy of millimetres. The final processes involve the stainless steel being passed onto the welding team who will work on the correct procedure before going through its relevant NDT. The final products will be signed off and certified to BSEN 1090.

Sheet metal welding
Sheet Metal Building

Why choose sheet metal fabrication?

High-precision parts

As we’ve seen above, the fabrication of sheet metal can be categorised into several different techniques. Utilising automated machinery creates highly precise parts and designs at specific tolerances the user needs. High-precision parts are required in various important industries including construction, healthcare, food and drink and more and sheet metal fabrication UK is a great way to create these products.

Custom-built designs

This type of fabrication allows for a lot of creative freedom in manufacturing custom-built parts and components. Additionally, this process can be used to come up with innovations in various product designs and uses. One example of this is aluminium sheet metal which can be fabricated into different automotive parts.

Durable materials

Sheet metal products can be made from steel, galvanised steel, aluminium, stainless steel, or copper/brass. These alloyed metals have various properties that need to be taken into account, such as strength, weldability, ductility, machinability, and more. Using durable materials means your sheet metal parts will have a longer shelf life.

Modern finish

Even before any type of metal coating or surface finishing is added to the end product, sheet metal materials have a modern and aesthetically appealing look that can improve the appearance of any product. Different finishing processes lead to different kinds of surfaces, depending on what the client wants. Creating modern products adds more value to anything whether it’s sports cars or kitchenware.

Need help with a fabrication project?

Not sure where to start? At Fem we offer expert advice and guidance to point you in the right direction and help make the process smoother.

If you are looking for a highly qualified structural steel fabrication company that is reliable and offers a fully traceable service, please feel free to contact us for a free no-obligation quote and see how FEM Ltd can help with your next project.