Steel Fabrication

Where do you start with Steel fabrication?

FEM offers a steel fabrication service that is efficient, cost-effective, and traceable while at the same time maintaining a core value of trust and friendliness towards its employees and customers. The bespoke steel fabrication work undertaken varies from a simple steel table to something as complex as a 15 metre trommel.

The materials used in the metalwork process at FEM Ltd vary from:

  • Mild steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminium offering sheet metal,
  • Structural steel
  • High-quality bespoke fabrications

The products go onto varying industries from the construction industry, offshore, heavy industry, and manufacturers.

The journey of steel fabrication starts with an idea or a need that manifests itself in a design that is supplied to FEM Ltd in the form of a technical drawing.

The steel metal fabrication process involves the use of quality workmanship and a wide range of equipment from welders to plasma torches to water jets. FEM has a facility that is 30,000 sq/ft with overhead cranes and fork trucks to ensure a smooth flow of work can be maintained. Each job that comes through the door is examined using a technical review to ensure that the project can be completed to the correct specifications on time and on a budget.

The Steel Fabrication Process

FEM will carry out a technical review of the drawing created by draughtsman to ensure its within our capability and has the ability to transform steel sections and plates into an item that can have a purpose throughout the world. If so produce a quote and supply our terms of service.

From this point, FEM will undertake the project management and the parts will be fabricated using such processes as plasma cutting, folding and welding to name a few. A skilled apprentice-trained workforce with a clear eye for detail will follow procedures to then carry out the fabrication works before passing it to the welding department.

The relevant weld procedure will be used to ensure that the final product is manufactured to specification before going through its NDT tests as required. All of the finished products are manufactured following ISO 9001 quality procedures and then certified to BSEN 1090-3.

This takes a keen eye for detail while being able to work to tight tolerances and clear specifications. Once the fabrication is complete the items will be passed to the welding team. Our team of trained welders to BSEN 287 then carry out the required welding process adhering to the relevant weld procedures and best practice.

Upon completion, the final product will be inspected, and final non-destructive testing will take place where required. Once the product is complete a decision will need to be made on the best protection applicable to apply to the steel to meet the required specifications. The final stage in the process is to deliver the steelwork to the customers’ required destination, FEM works with a specialised haulage company who move products throughout Europe.


Need Help with a Fabrication project?

Not sure where to start? At Fem we offer expert advice and guidance to point you in the right direction and help make the process smoother.

If you are looking for a highly qualified bespoke metal fabrication company that is reliable and offers a fully traceable service, please feel free to contact us for a free no-obligation quote and see how FEM Ltd can help with your next project.