What are fabricated stainless steel letters?

fabricated stainless steel letters

Stainless Steel letter fabrication is a very popular fabrication service. Many business will use fabricated letters when opening a business to create a high quality, professional high end look. They also may be used for residential properties for house numbers. Stainless Steel Letters can be flat cut or built up depending on the desired look or impact you want to create.

Stainless steel is often the leading metal material used for steel letters due to it being fire and heat resistance, sustainable and corrosion resistant. it is a versatile material and typical inexpensive material which can create a big impact for your business. It is also an easy material to clean and maintain.

What can stainless steel letters be used for?

Fabricated metal letters can be used for internal and external use. You may often see them being used for:

  • Name Plaques
  • Building Names and Numbers
  • Schools and Universities
  • Shop signs
  • Front Door numbers
  • Boats
  • Hotels

How are stainless steel letters fabricated?

Stainless steel is a highly popular material and heat resistant materials. It is the perfect material to use for metal letters and logos due to the durability and corrosion resistance elements of the material. Using your design, letters are created using CNC tools and machining to create the shape and specifications of the letters from stainless steel sheets.

The fabrication processes used during the creation of letters may involve cutting, forming, shearing, welding, and machining. Once the letters have been fabricated the letters will be buffed and painted if required. Stainless Steel is an ideal material if it needs to be painted.

Painting stainless steel is important as it helps to protect the material and can incorporate your desired colours. After the letters have been welded, the material will be cleaned and degreased. The metal will then be primed and painting the colour you desire. The paint will create a clean and smooth finished to the letters.

Once finished, the letters may have brackets on the inside as a mounting option. The letters will be installed and be set securely in place. Fabricated letters also have the option of having LED lighting behind the letters to illuminate the sign.

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